Undergraduate Advising

The key to making the most of your educational opportunities is advising, so it is essential that you seek proper advice. Our faculty, Undergraduate Advisors, and Peer Advisors play an important role in advising on all aspects of the major(s). 

While the Psychology Department Office in Social Sciences 2, Room 273 is currently closed in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the campus actions implemented by Chancellor Cynthia Larive, the Psychology Department Virtual Advising Office remains open via email, Google Hangouts chat, and Zoom. The following is a guide to the remote academic advising available. 
Please note that all staff are working remotely, and power outages may occasionally impact our advising availability.

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Advising Services

Unless posted otherwise, Psychology Department Advising is available Monday through Thursday, 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm (see the Advising Calendar below). For assistance, please review the options below and follow the instructions to speak with staff. 

Need help figuring out how to access advising services? Watch this short video created by our Front Desk Assistant Rosa Scupine for help navigating your options:

Quick Links

Front Desk Chat

Front Desk Chat is available during our open hours (see Advising Calendar below) to answer general questions and check-in students for Drop-in Advising when it is available.

Send a message to psyc-fro@ucsc.edu through Google Hangouts chat to get connected! Google Hangouts can be accessed through your email on a browser or via the app on your phone (click here for a Hangouts tutorial if you're a first-time user)

Please note: The Front Desk (psyc-fro@ucsc.edu) is the only Psychology Advising account responding to Hangouts chats and is available via Hangouts chat only during our open hours (please do not send emails). You may email questions to psypeer@ucsc.edu or psyadv@ucsc.edu, however Hangouts chat requests to these accounts will be deleted.

Drop-In Advising with Peer Advisors

Trained Peer Advisors are able to assist students with:

If you have questions they can't answer, Peer Advisors have a line of communication with Undergraduate Advisors and can refer you to Undergraduate Advisors if appropriate. Peer Advisors are also available via email at psypeer@ucsc.edu. Follow the instructions in the calendar below to speak with a Peer Advisor during scheduled Drop-in Advising.

Advising Calendar

See the calendar below for the schedule and instructions to access the Front Desk Chat and Drop-in Advising with a Peer Advisor. If you would like to speak with a staff advisor, see the Undergraduate Advisors section below.

Please note: We recommend you speak with a Peer Advisor first for most of your major advising needs, and schedule an appointment when you are clear what questions you have that are best answered by staff advisors (appointments are limited to 15 minutes).  

Undergraduate Advisors: Available through Email & Appointments

Undergraduate Advisors are available to assist students with:

  • substitutions of transfer courses and study abroad courses
  • petitions or appeals
  • Veterans Benefits Verification, and other forms requiring an advisor's signature
  • enrollment assistance (click here for initial enrollment assistance information)
  • recommendations for courses and faculty to approach for research interests


Please email psyadv@ucsc.edu with questions, requests, and any forms needing signatures. We will complete any signature requests within 5 business days. If you would like to petition to have study abroad courses fulfill major requirements, begin the process at least 2 weeks before your study abroad deadline (visit our Study Abroad webpage for details).

Need a signed academic plan? If you need help with an academic plan, please attend Drop-in Advising first to create a draft with a Peer Advisor. If your academic plan needs an advisor's review and signature, you can request this via email to psyadv@ucsc.edu and include the link for the plan you created with a Peer Advisor. We will complete your signature request within 5 business days. If you need an academic plan for readmission please email psyadv@ucsc.edu to request a readmission academic plan and attach PDF unofficial transcripts for any courses taken while on a leave of absence (if applicable).

Schedule an appointment

Undergraduate Advisors will offer a limited number of 15-minute appointments each week. Appointments are available to book through Slug Success up to 7 days in advance and are available for scheduling on a first-come/first-serve basis.

Please note: Most questions about major requirements, enrollment, and inquiries about the major declaration process can be answered through Drop-in Advising with a Peer Advisor. Students who are still only proposed in a major are best served through Drop-in Advising, unless assistance is needed with appeals or petitions, or there are concerns about meeting the eligiblity criteria to declare. Peer Advisors also assist with graduation checks and create academic plans through Drop-in Advising. For initial advice about graduate school or career paths, please visit our Career Resources page.


Slug Success Login

• Slug Success is also linked to in the MyUCSC Resources panel. 

• Log in, then select: Advising > Major/Minor Advising > CHOOSE A TOPIC > Psychology

  • TOPICS availableAcademic Difficulty, Academic Planning/Guidance, Enrollment, Forms/Petitions/Appeals, Graduation/Progress Check, Reason Not Listed/Other
  • Not Proposed or Declared in Cognitive Science or Psychology? You can choose this appointment reason when scheduling: Academic Planning/Guidance

  • NOTES: If you are not declared yet in one of our majors, most of your questions can be answered through Drop-in Advising. Please note we do not declare majors or sign forms in appointments. Follow instructions for signature requests here. Follow instructions to declare a major here
  • Not currently taking classes at UCSC? Please note that drop-in advising and appointments are only available for active UCSC students with Slug Success accounts. If you are not currently taking classes at UCSC, the Front Desk Chat can answer your general questions, and you may email psyadv@ucsc.edu for further assistance.

For assistance in navigating Slug Success, view these self-help guides.

Field Study Advising

Students must attend a Field Study Informational Meeting before making an appointment with the Field Study Director. For more information about informational meetings please click here.

Petition for Major Declaration 

The Winter Quarter Major Declaration Deadline was February 4

You can submit a late request to declare following the instructions below, but it may not be completed prior to Spring enrollment. 

Students interested in declaring Cognitive Science or Psychology must complete the following:

1.  REQUIRED- review the Major Declaration Presentation

2.  Verify that you have completed all of the declaration requirements for Cognitive Science or Psychology. 

  1. View this slide from the presentation above for a quick reference of all declaration requirements. Not eligible to declare? View this slide from the presentation above if you need to declare this quarter but are not eligible.

Will Cognitive Science or Psychology be your SECOND declared major?

If you’re declared in a major in another department and want to add Cognitive Science or Psychology as a second major, you must contact your first major advisor for your updated, signed declaration forms. Request the link & editing access to your updated & signed academic plan, and a copy of your signed Petition for Major Declaration PDF form. You should allow extra time for your first major advisor to send these forms to you, so contact them early before the major declaration deadline. If your first major is Cognitive Science or Psychology, attend Drop-in Advising to create a double-major plan with a Peer Advisor following the instructions in the Advising Calendar above. Find more information about declaring Cognitive Science or Psychology as a second major in the presentation above (view this slide for details). 

3.  Watch the video in the presentation above to create & save your declaration Academic Plan using a template on the Advising Forms page  (see note to the right for instructions if you are adding Cognitive Science or Psychology as your second declared major).

  1. You will paste the link to your declaration Academic Plan in the form to request to declare the major. If you need help creating your plan, visit Drop-in Advising with a Peer Advisor
  2. Save your academic plan as "LastName StudentID AcadPlan" and make sure to share it with psypeer@ucsc.edu (share with editing access and un-check the "Notify people" box).
  3. EXAMPLES: Psychology Declaration Academic Plan; Cognitive Science Declaration Academic Plan. 

4.  Watch the video in the presentation above to create & save your Petition for Major Declaration PDF  (see note to the right for instructions if you are adding Cognitive Science or Psychology as your second declared major).

  1. You will upload your Petition for Major Declaration PDF into the form to request to declare the major. 
  2. Save your Petition for Major Declaration PDF form as "LastName StudentID major-declaration-form.pdf" 
  3. EXAMPLES: Petition for Major Declaration PDF Form

5.  After you have completed steps #1-4, submit the Major Declaration Request Form to initiate your declaration. View this slide from the presentation above for an overview of the process.

Can't access the form? You must be signed into your UCSC Google account to access this form. Use a browser not signed into any other Google accounts or open a private/incognito browser that requires you to sign into your UCSC account if you have trouble accessing the Google form.

Make sure that you answer all questions pertaining to your major & review all of your responses before submitting. Failure to answer questions or provide required documents may delay or cancel your request!

The Winter 2021 Declaration Deadline is Thursday, February 4Notifications of Petition of Major Declaration approval or denial will be sent to students' UCSC email.  

Please note: you may be contacted by psypeer@ucsc.edu or psyadv@ucsc.edu if we have questions about the information you submitted on your request. Check your UCSC email often and respond in order to avoid delays in processing your request.  

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