Psychology Department Staff

  • Campbell Leaper

    Campbell Leaper

    Department Chair


    Hello! My name is Campbell Leaper, and I am the Chair of the Psychology Department. I am also a Psychology Professor and a member of the Developmental Psychology Graduate Program. As department chair, I am responsible for fostering excellence in the Psychology Department’s research, teaching, and service. I also advocate for the  goals and needs of our students, staff, and faculty to the Social Sciences Dean, Alumni Relations, and other campus offices. I hope to see you around the Psychology Department!
  • Allison Land

    Allison Land

    Department Manager


    My name is Allison and I am the Psychology Department Manager. I work with the faculty and lecturers to create the department’s curriculum and leave plan for the year and facilitate personnel reviews. I oversee all department hiring, the department budget, advise the chair on department matters and supervise our fabulous department staff!
  • Ernestina Ávila-Estrada

    Ernestina Ávila-Estrada

    Undergraduate Advisor


    Hello! My name is Ernestina and I am an undergraduate advisor. I am available to advise and support students who are interested in pursuing a Psychology or Cognitive Science undergraduate degree. I can assist with academic plans, major declaration and much more. Feel free to contact me, schedule an appointment or stop by. 

  • Gail Black

    Gail Black

    Field Study Coordinator


    Hi and welcome to the Psychology Department!  My name is Gail and I am the Field Study Program Coordinator.  I am here to help Psychology majors engage in academic internships and have a hands-on learning experience outside of the classroom.  This is a wonderful program for not only being of service to the community and others but also for the opportunity to learn and explore what you might want to do for a career, research, or to focus on in graduate school.  If this sounds interesting to you, come by and we can talk more about all the great possibilities!
  • Kathy Montano

    Kathy Montano

    Graduate Program Coordinator


    Hi! I’m the Graduate Program Coordinator, Kathy! I advise, support, and provide resources to our graduate students as they move through their program. Aid prospective students and the campus community in learning more about our programs.
  • Chantell Padilla

    Chantell Padilla

    Undergraduate Advisor


    Hi! My name is Chantell Padilla and I am one of the undergraduate advisors.  I assist Psychology and Cognitive Science undergraduate students with a variety of topics, such as declaring their major and creating an academic plan.  If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by!

  • Crystal Santoya Dale

    Department Assistant


    Welcome! I provide curriculum and budget support for our faculty and staff. I am responsible for scheduling classes, coordinating the graduate program colloquium series, overseeing area budgets, and completing financial processes under our Department Manager. Faculty and staff please come see me for help with purchasing and reimbursements!

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    Alex Thompson

    Academic Services Coordinator


    The Academic Services Coordinator is responsible for providing course support to our instructors, administering the research participant pool, coordinating accommodations for DRC students, and distributing department keys.