Psychology Department Staff

  • image of Benjamin Storm, Department Chair

    Benjamin Storm

    Department Chair

    My name is Ben Storm, and I am Chair of the Psychology Department. I am also a Professor in the department and a member of the Cognitive Psychology Graduate Program.  I conduct research on human memory and cognition, which you can read more about on my website:  As Department Chair, I am responsible for fostering excellence in the Psychology Department’s research, teaching, and service. I also advocate for the goals and needs of our students, staff, and faculty to the Social Sciences Dean, Alumni Relations, and other campus offices. Feel free to contact me with any ideas, questions, or concerns. Hope to see you around the Psychology Department!

  • image of Allison Land, Department Manager

    Allison Land

    Department Manager

    My name is Allison and I am the Psychology Department Manager. I work with the faculty and lecturers to create the department’s curriculum and leave plan for the year and facilitate personnel reviews. I oversee all department hiring, the department budget, advise the chair on department matters and supervise our fabulous department staff!
  • image of Paige Anderson, Undergraduate Advisor

    Paige Andersen

    Undergraduate Advisor

    Hello! My name is Paige Andersen (she/her/hers) and I am a Psychology Undergraduate Advisor. I am a proud alumnus of UC Santa Cruz and I look forward to supporting your academic journeys. I am passionate about mental health advocacy, college equity, LGBTQI+ rights, cooking, and photography. Go Slugs!
  • Heather Donovan

    Heather Donovan

    Academic Services Coordinator

    Hello and welcome! As the Academic Services Coordinator, I am responsible for providing course support to our instructors, administering the research participant pool, coordinating accommodations for DRC students, and distributing department keys. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns and I will be glad to help. I look forward to seeing you.

  • image of Rebecca Hall, Undergraduate Advisor

    Rebecca Hall

    Undergraduate Advisor

    Hello! My name is Rebecca (she/her) and I am a Psychology Undergraduate Advisor. I am enthusiastic about academic planning and am dedicated to helping students navigate the university. As a first generation Latinx college graduate, I am also passionate about diversifying campus spaces and making resources more accessible. I look forward to meeting with you!
  • Wendy Kusunoki

    Wendy Kusunoki

    Undergraduate Program Coordinator & Assistant Manager

    Hi! My name is Wendy Kusunoki and I am the Undergraduate Program Coordinator/Assistant Manager.  I look forward to supporting students, faculty, and staff!

  • Sabrina Madden

    Sabrina Madden

    Assistant Manager

    Hi I’m Sabrina, the Assistant Department Manager. I’m involved in course scheduling and academic personnel services, I manage department events and SETS, and I oversee our internal budget . You can find me working in room 277 most days, but when I’m off the clock I’m usually running, reading, or exploring.

  • Kathy Montano

    Kathy Montano

    Graduate Program Coordinator

    Hello! I'm Kathy Montano and I’m the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Psychology Department! I advise, support, and provide resources to our graduate students and faculty for the Psychology PhD program. 
  • image of Ryan Mulligan, Undergraduate Advisor

    Ryan Mulligan

    Undergraduate Advisor

    Hi there! My name is Ryan Mulligan and I’m here to help! Please send me your questions and come chat me up for advice, and directions to resources. If you aren’t confident with your current plans or goals, or if you just need some encouragement and pro-tips, seek me out.

  • Katie Ritchey

    Katie Ritchey

    Graduate Advisor

    Hi, I'm Katie Ritchey and I'm the Graduate Advisor for the Psychology PhD program. I support graduate students with questions on program requirements, locating resources on campus, and processing graduate student employment. I also aid prospective students in learning more about our program. Outside of work I enjoy hikes with my dog, baking, and reading. I'm always available for a chat with current and prospective graduate students - just stop by my office or email me for a zoom meeting!
  • Image of Carrie Walker, Field Study Director

    Carrie Walker

    Field Study Director

    Hi! I'm Carrie, the Field Study Director. As someone who has worked in education for many years, I've seen the power experiential learning has to enhance concepts learned in the classroom, and that's why I'm excited to work with Psychology and Cognitive Science majors to facilitate these experiences. If you want to explore potential post-grad paths and give back to the community, please reach out to me about the Field Study Program. I look forward to meeting you!

  • image of Julia Wanlin, Undergraduate Advisor

    Julia Wanlin

    Undergraduate Advisor

    Hi! My name is Julia and I am one of the Psychology Undergraduate Advisors. I am committed to supporting students as they navigate their higher education journey. Please feel free to make an appointment with me or reach out via email with any questions. I look forward to meeting with you!