Declaring the Cognitive Science Major

Students who indicate Cognitive Science on their UC admissions applications will be considered proposed Cognitive Science until they declare. To declare the Cognitive Science major you must complete:

  • CalculusAM 11A/ECON 11A, MATH 11AMATH 19A, or MATH 20AOR Tests: AP Calculus AB score of 4+, AP Calculus BC score of 3+, or CLEP Calculus score of 60+
  • Programming: ECE 13CSE 13SCSE 20 (or test-out), or CSE 30 (former UCSC courses also approved: CMPS 5C or 5J or 5P or 12A, or CMPE 13/L); OR AP Computer Science A score of 3+
  • StatisticsPSYC 2 (Introduction to Psychological Statistics), or STAT 5, or STAT 7 & 7LOR AP Statistics score of 4+
  • PSYC 20: Cognition: Fundamental Theories

All courses required to declare the major must be taken for a letter grade. Students must pass each course with a grade of C or higher, and have a GPA of 2.8 or higher in the required courses (use a GPA calculator to determine your eligibility). 

Once these requirements are completed with the required course grades or scores, you can declare the Cognitive Science major following the instructions below. 

Petition for Major Declaration 

Students interested in declaring Cognitive Science must complete the following:

1.  REQUIRED- review the Major Declaration Instructions:

2.  Verify that you have completed all of the declaration requirements for Cognitive Science.

  • View this slide from the presentation above for a quick reference of all declaration requirements.

  •  Not eligible to declare? View this slide from the presentation above. 

3. Submit this Major Declaration Request Form to initiate your declaration. 

Can't access the Google form? 

You must be signed into your UCSC Google account to access the form linked above. Use a browser not signed into any other Google accounts or open a private/incognito browser that requires you to sign into your UCSC account if you have trouble accessing the Google form.

Notifications of Petition of Major Declaration approval or denial will be sent to students' UCSC email.  

Please note: you may be contacted by or if we have questions about the information you submitted on your request. Check your UCSC email often and respond in order to avoid delays in processing your request.