Psychology B.A.

The University of California Santa Cruz offers two pathways for aquiring your Psychology B.A.: our General Psychology or our Intensive Psychology pathway. Both majors share the same prerequisite courses for Declaring, and will result in the same degree. These pathways differ in the upper-division requirements for course work and independent study, for those interested in giving themselves a leg up for graduate oppotunities later on.



This is a comprehensive course driven dive into the the world of Psychology, exploring 3 primary subfields: Developmental, Cognitive and Social Psychology. Thirteen courses are required for General Psychology:
    Five lower division courses
    • PSYC 1*, PSYC 10, PSYC 20
    • Statistics*
    • Precalculus*
  • Eight upper-division courses
    • PSYC 100
    • 6 Upper Division PSYC courses
      • including a Senior Seminar
    • 1 Upper Divison Outside Course
*required to declare
The Intensive Psychology option is advantageous for a student intending to move on to a graduate program in Psychology. Ecompassing the requirements of the General Psychology pathway, while adding 15 additional credits of Advanced Research and Independent Study. Fourteen courses are required for the Intensive Psychology, and 2 quarters of Independent Study:
  • All the requirements of a General Psychology Major
  • Advanced Research Methods
    • PSYC 181 or 182
  • Two Quarters of Independent Study while participating in:
    • Undergraduate Research
    • or Field Study
    • or a Senior Thesis


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