Enrollment Assistance: Fall 2018


Per campus regulations, students must attend the first class meeting of the course in which they are enrolled to retain their seat. If you fail to attend, you may be administratively dropped from the course.  

Enrollment Information

Waitlist Information

Waitlists are available after all students, continuing and new, have had the opportunity to enroll in classes, and are assigned by class level. Check your appointment times to see when you may sign up on a waitlist.


The Psychology Department does not place holds.  If you have a hold on your account, contact the department that placed the hold.  You can see who placed the hold by clicking on “Details” under the hold section of your Student Center.

Major Declaration

The deadline to declare the major was April 27th. Declaring by this deadline was the only way to ensure that your declaration paperwork would be processed before Fall enrollment.  If you are eligible to declare, you can come to drop-in advising and work with a peer advisor to fill out the major declaration paperwork; however, it will take 1-2 weeks for your declaration to be processed and your portal to be updated.

Pre-requisite Credit

If you took a cognitive science or psychology major pre-requisite at a community college and it is not yet in your portal, e-mail psyadv@ucsc.edu your unofficial transcripts. We will input the course(s) into “other credit,” which notifies the system you have fulfilled that particular pre-requisite. Please allow 3 business days for processing.

When Do I Take Psych 100?

Although Psych 100 is the next course students take after declaring the Psychology and/or Cog Sci major, students don’t typically take this course until sometime during their junior year. 

Psych 1 Gating

Psych 1 is a gated course, which means seats are released during each day of enrollment.  Check back each day to try to enroll in the class.  If you are unable to get into the class, keep in mind that you can add to the waitlist during your second enrollment appointment. 

Didn’t get into the classes you want? Consider taking the following:

  • Enroll in GE's
  • Cognitive Science majors: enroll in Interdisciplinary Electives 
  • Psychology majors: enroll in upper-division outside course
  • The General Psych and Cog Sci major requirements, along with GEs, do not typically equate to the 180 credits needed to graduate. This means you will need to take additional courses for credit -- this is a good time to do that. 

Permission Code Requests

Juniors who were unable to enroll in any upper-division Psychology courses can receive up to one permission code. Seniors who are unable to enroll in any upper-division Psychology courses can receive up to two codes, and seniors who were only able to enroll in one upper-division Psychology course can receive up to one code. Please note that permission codes are not guaranteed.

Information regarding requesting permission codes will be sent by the end of the day on Friday, May 25th.

Why Are Enrollment Capacities So Low?

You may notice that certain courses have relatively low enrollment capacities. This is because the university requires the Psychology Department to reserve seats for incoming frosh and transfer students. These enrollment capacities will not go up until the reserved seats have been filled, so please enroll on the waitlist if the class is full during your enrollment appointment.

Summer Session Courses

The Psychology Department offers many courses each summer. Click HERE for a list of summer courses—most still have seats available!


Fall 2018 Outside Courses – No prerequisites

Psychology Majors

  • Anthropology
    • ANTH 104 - 01 Human Variation and Adaptation
    • ANTH 110F - 01 Evolution of Human Diet
    • ANTH 110I - 01 Cultures of Sustainability and Social Justice  (online)
    • ANTH 130A - 01 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
    • ANTH 158 - 01 Feminist Ethnographies
    • ANTH 179 - 01 Slavery in the Atlantic World: Historical and Archaeological Perspectives (open to all majors during second pass enrollment)
  • Community Studies
    • CMMU 132 - 01 American Cities and Social Change
    • CMMU 149 - 01 Political Economy of Food and Agriculture
    • CMMU 161 - 01 Gender Health and Justice
  • Feminist Studies
    • FMST 188 - 01 Topics in Feminist Studies (restricted to soph/junior/seniors)
  • History of Consciousness
    • HISC 120 - 01 What is a State?
  • Latin American and Latino Studies
    • LALS 100 - 01 Concepts and Theories in Latin American and Latina/o Studies (restricted to soph/junior/seniors)
    • LALS 122 - 01 Media and Nationalism (restricted to juniors/seniors)
    • LALS 130 - 01 Expresiones cuirs de Genero y Sexualidad en el cine Latinoamericano (Taught in Spanish, restricted to juniors/seniors)
    • LALS 171 - 01 Brazil in Black and White (Taught in Portuguese)
    • LALS 172 - 01 Visualizing Human Rights
    • LALS 180 - 01 Borders: Real and Imagined
  • Philosophy
    • PHIL 143 - 01 Applied Ethics: Ethics Bowl
  • Sociology
    • SOCY 111 - 01 Family and Society (restricted to juniors/seniors)

Cognitive Science Majors

  • Evolution
    • ANTH 1 - 01 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
    • ANTH 104 - 01 Human Variation and Adaptation
    • Bio 20C- Ecology and Evolution
  • AI/HCI
    • CMPE 8 - 01   Robot Automation: Intelligence through Feedback Control
    • CMPE 80A - 01   Universal Access: Disability, Technology, and Society
  • Linguistics
    • LING 50 - 01   Introduction to Linguistics
    • LING 53 - 01   Semantics I
  • Philosophy
    • PHIL 9 - 01   Introduction to Logic
    • PHIL 11 - 01   Introduction to Philosophy
    • PHIL 23 - 01   Philosophy of Cognitive Science