What is field study?

Psychology Field Study is an academic internship program offered to Psychology and Cognitive Science majors to integrate current and prior coursework with community involvement. For two consecutive quarters, students devote ten hours a week to a community-based internship. Students are matched with a faculty member with whom they complete an academic project each quarter associated with the work they are experiencing in the field. Students are supported by attending group meetings, skill building workshops, and keeping a journal. Field Study (PSYC 193) is a 5-unit, upper division Psychology course offered P/NP.

Should I do field study?

Field study is most valuable for students wanting to look at their course work in psychology from a hands-on perspective. Field study will support you to learn critical skills in reflection, communication and integration of classroom knowledge with practical skills. Students who benefit most from the program are students who are: interested in pursuing graduate school, have personal interest or enthusiasm in experience as a way to learn, or want to explore a particular career.

The time and effort to complete field study is well spent. Student feedback is very positive from alumni and current students. If you would like, you may read some of the student feedback.

What are the program requirements?

You are qualified for field study if you are a senior or junior declared Psychology or Cognitive Science major in good academic standing and have passed PSYC 100. In order to have a more rich field study experience, it is recommended that applicants already have completed some upper division Psychology coursework.

In order to apply to the Field Study Program you must:

  • Attend an Info Session (this is required to receive a link to the application)
  • Submit an application & resume

All admitted students will:

  • Log 10 hours per week at their internship site for two quarters
  • Attend 2 skill-building workshops each quarter
  • Participate in a mid-quarter reflection conversation
  • Complete an academic project with guidance from their faculty sponsor

Where would I complete my internship?

Internships are available in various non-profits, schools and government agencies. See a partial listing of the many placements available.

How do I apply?

Students apply to the field study program the quarter before they plan to begin their internship. In order to receive a link to the application, students must attend an Info Session.

I have more questions. What should I do?

Check out the FAQ page!