Intensive Psychology Major

The intensive major involves additional coursework and research experience, and is advantageous for students planning to attend a graduate program in any area of psychology. It is available to all psychology majors. Students petition for the intensive major in their junior year.

Intensive Major Requirements

FIVE Required Courses for the Intensive Psychology Major

Courses to complete BEFORE declaring the major:

  • Math Requirement: Courses: AMS 3 or 6, or Math 3 or 4 or 11A or 11B; OR 300+ on ALEKS Math Placement or a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam
  • Psychology 1: Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychology 2: Introduction to Psychological Statistics (or AMS 5 or AMS 7)

Courses to complete before taking upper division elective courses:

  • Psychology 100: Research Methods in Psychology
  • Psychology 10: Introduction to Developmental Psychology

THIRTEEN Additional Upper-Division courses are required

Two courses are required in each of the subfields below. One of the eight courses must be a seminar course. One course of Field Study, Psych 193A or 193B or 193C or 193D, may be substituted for one of the subfield courses, pertinent to its area. Note: 193 does not satisfy the seminar requirement.

  • Developmental (courses #101-119)
  • Cognitive (courses #120-139)
  • Social (courses #140-159)
  • Clinical-Personality (courses #160-179)

Either Psychology 181, Psychological Data Analysis OR Psychology 182, Advanced Research Methods

Two quarters (10 credits) of Psychology 194: Advanced Research, OR Psychology 195: Senior Thesis

Two upper-division courses outside of psychology, in one or more related areas, chosen from the outside course list.

Senior Comprehensive Requirement

All UCSC students must fulfill the UCSC Senior Comprehensive requirement. [more]

Intensive Psychology Major Worksheet

The Intensive Psychology Major Worksheet (including outside course listing) may be found here.

Intensive Psychology Major Sample Academic Plans

Take a look at these sample academic plans - one for those who came to UCSC as Frosh and one for transfer students. 

Sample Intensive Major Frosh Plan

Sample Intensive Major Transfer Plan

Create your own academic plan with this blank form.

LETTER GRADE NOTE: Courses graded C-, D or F may NOT be used to satisfy major/minor requirements. Also, please refer to the Major and Minor Admission Requirements.