Posted Research Opportunities

Current 194A: Developmental Research Postings

Children Learning about Science with their Families with Graduate Student Sam McHugh and Professor Maureen Callanan

 Latinx Families Talk About Science in Stories with Post-Doc Diana Acosta and Professor Maureen Callanan

 Parent and Children Learning About Science (viruses and evolution) with Professor David Menendez


Preschoolers' Acts of Force in the Naturalistic Preschool Setting with Grad Student Charles Baxley and Professor Audun Dahl 

How do Chinese-Speaking Parents Engage Their Children in Problem Solving with Grad student Sam Basch and Professor Su-hua Wang




Current 194B: Cognitive Research Postings

In-person and Computer Mediated Communication using Data Analysis with Python Emphasis with Graduate Student Ryan Pili and Professor Alan Kawamoto

Creativity and Cognition with Graduate Student Mercedes Oliva and Professor Benjamin Storm  

Effects of Feedback of performance with Graduate Student Yasmin Chowdhury and Professor Jean Fox Tree

Technology, Memory, and Forgetting with Graduate Student Dana-Lis Bittner and Professor Benjamin Storm

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 Memory and Metacognition with Grad Student Jexy An Nepangue and Dr. Hannah Hausman

Learning and Metacognition in STEM Education with Grad Student Melanie Prieto and Dr. Hannah Hausman

Learning to Visually Search with Grad Student Monique Crouse and Professor Nicolas Davidenko




Current 194C: Social Research Postings

Growing stories: Childhood counternarrative formation and maintenance into emerging adulthood with Graduate Student David Gordon and Professor Gina Langhout 


Enacting Change: Learning from Activist's Transformative Change Visions, Processes, and Actions  with Grad Student Daniel Rodriguez and Professor Regina Langhout  

Race & Social Justice Research with Dr. Courtney Bonam



 Current 194D: Clinical Research Postings

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Summer and Post-Graduate Research Opportunities Outside of UCSC

List of Summer Programs and Post-Graduate Research Opportunities (unafilliated with UCSC and cannot be used for PSYC 194 credit)

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