Spring Quarter 2023 Psychology Advising Newsletter

We hope you had a wonderful Spring break! For Spring quarter, we will continue to provide Drop-in Advising with peer advisors both through Zoom and in person, and appointments with advisors may still be scheduled in-person or via Zoom through the Navigate Slug Success app. Find details on all advising options on our Undergraduate Advising page! 

Please check our Advising Calendar for the Drop-in Advising schedule, and read our tips for scheduling an appointment in Navigate Slug Success. You can also email with questions for staff Undergraduate Advisors or with questions for Peer Advisors.

As a reminder, it is important that you receive and read all emails from to stay informed, and ensure you do not miss surveys or other important information regarding course enrollment. Check your UCSC email often and make sure these emails aren't going to our Spam folder. 

Please read through the information below carefully as it includes important information we want you to know for the quarter ahead.


  • The Major Declaration Deadline for Spring 2023 is Friday, May 5th.

    • We will process every request submitted by this deadline before Spring enrollment appointments begin. 
      Please note: Many Psychology upper division courses require that you have completed your major declaration in Cognitive Science or Psychology BEFORE you can enroll in those courses, and this is not a prerequisite that can be waived by advisors. If you are eligible to declare now, submit your petition to declare early so that you have the most options to choose from for your Winter enrollment. 

  • Students who entered UCSC as Frosh in Fall 2021: If you did not declare a major already, you will need to submit your petition to declare by Friday, May 5th to avoid a Fall enrollment hold placed by your College. 
  • Petition to declare the Cognitive Science major following instructions on this page.

  • Petition to declare the Psychology major (General or Intensive) following instructions on this page.


  • Permission codes for Spring 2023 courses are no longer available. Please do not email faculty or Psychology Advising to request help getting into full courses. 

    • If you want to enroll in a closed course, add to the waitlist and instructors should send information to waitlisted students before the first scheduled class. (FAQs for Student Waitlists)

  • Find other Enrollment advice on our Enrollment Assistance website

  • Fall 2023 Enrollment Information will be emailed to proposed & declared Cognitive Science & Psychology majors at the start of Advising Week (scheduled May 15th). All Fall courses will be available in the class search during Advising Week.


  • The surveys to request a permission code for a Fall senior seminar will be sent via email to eligible seniors prior to enrollment. 

    • Declared students in either Cognitive Science or Psychology who will be at senior standing in the following term (completed 135 units or more) will receive the survey and are eligible to request a permission code for a senior seminar.

  • The deadline will be provided in the notification email with the link to the survey. Check your UCSC email regularly and make sure you are receiving and reading any messages from, so you don't miss survey emails or other important information sent by Psychology Advising.

  • Find more information about the senior seminar requirement here (the information is the same for Cognitive Science and Psychology majors).


  •  The Psychology Department Graduation Celebration date and time will be announced later this quarter! We will send out information via

  • We will not be selling stoles this year. We apologize for any inconvenience. The Bay Tree Bookstore is planning to sell the official 2023 stole, the first-gen stole, and the stole of gratitude. These however, are not department or major specific.


  • Students interested in being admitted to the Summer/Fall 2023 or Fall 2023/Winter 2024 cohorts of Field Study (PSYC 193) must participate in an information session.

  • There are 4 Info Sessions scheduled April 24-27th. You must sign up for a session in order to receive the Zoom link. All attendees will be sent a link to the field study application. Applications are due Wednesday, May 3rd by 8am and you must attend an Info Session to be eligible to apply

  • For scheduled Info Sessions and sign-up information, view the flyer belowField Study webpage for Prospective Students.



  • Subscribe to our Google group, PSYCFWD, to receive email opportunities shared with the Psychology Department from: other departments at UCSC; California state graduate schools; and job, scholarship, & internship opportunities. 

  • CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO PSYCFWD! You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from this email group at any time. 



  • 2023 classes are now available on the 2023 Psychology Summer Courses page. 

  • Enrollment for Summer Session begins May 1. Find the full Summer Session academic calendar here
  • Contact the Summer Session office for more information at

  • Enrollment for Senior Seminars in the Summer is also handled through our survey process. The survey will be sent out to eligible students in mid-April.



Find all of the Registrar's Office Important Dates & Deadlines here.



Field Study Information Meetings PDF Flyer <--Click here to access the link to the Google form!
Find information about Field Study for Prospective students here.