Cognitive Science B.S.

Cognitive science has emerged over the last few decades as a major discipline with increasing significancein the 21st century. This field is focused on achieving a scientific understanding of how human cognition operates and the underlying principles that make cognition possible. Its subject matter spans a range of topics including cognitive functions like memory and perception, the structure and use of human language, mind evolution, animal cognition, artificial intelligence, and more. cogbanner.png

The cognitive science degree offers a solid foundation in the principles of cognition through courses in cognitive psychology. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive view of the interdisciplinary aspects of cognitive science, incorporating insights from anthropology, linguistics, biology, philosophy, and computer science. Graduates will be well-prepared for advanced training in the research fields of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience, roles in technology industries focusing on human-computer interaction, and healthcare roles focusing on the treatment of brain disorders.

This major is tailored for students aspiring to pursue Ph.D. programs in cognitive psychology, cognitive science, or cognitive neuroscience and embark on research careers. It also caters to those looking to enter the public health sector, working with individuals affected by neurological disorders and learning disabilities, or those keen on delving into the field of human-computer interface design, among other related careers.

The Department of Psychology administers the program and oversees student major advising.


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