Senior Seminar Requirement

Students of every major must satisfy that major's upper-division Disciplinary Communication (DC) requirement and complete a Senior Comprehensive Requirement. The DC requirement for Cognitive Science and Psychology is satisfied by completing Psychology 100: Research Methods in Psychology, and a senior seminar. The Senior Comprehensive Requirement for Cognitive Science and Psychology is also satisifed by completing the senior seminar. Senior seminar courses are designated in the campus catalog with the text “satisfies seminar requirement” or "satisfies senior comprehensive requirement."


  • The senior seminar is not an additional course requirement to complete your major; one of your upper division PSYC courses required to complete your major needs to be a senior seminar. 
  • If you are double-majoring in both Cognitive Science and Psychology, you need only one senior seminar approved to use for the Cognitive Science major. 

How to enroll in a senior seminar

To enroll in a senior seminar you must complete the Senior Seminar Survey by the given deadline. Surveys are emailed prior to enrollment to declared students in either the Cognitive Science or Psychology major who will be at senior standing (135 units or more). The deadline will be provided in the notification email with the link to the survey. Check your UCSC email regularly and make sure you are receiving and reading any messages from, so you don't miss any survey emails or other important information sent by Psychology Advising.

If you submit the seminar survey by the given deadline, you will be notified via email prior to your enrollment appointment for the following term. Students may not recieve a permission code each time one is requested, but all students in the major who complete the survey by the given deadline will be assigned a senior seminar by their expected graduation term. If you have questions please contact an Undergraduate Advisor at