Psychology Research Pool (updated October 2018)

Welcome to the UCSC Psychology Research Pool Website!

The Psychology department designates 3-5 courses each quarter as “participant pool” courses. Students enrolled in those courses can participate in 1-5 hours of research conducted by Psychology faculty and graduate students for course credit. Undergraduates have the option of completing an alternate assignment approved by the instructor. Below is a brief description of the researchers’ protocol.

All empirical research must have a current Human Subjects Committee IRB approval and expiration date which is renewed on a yearly basis through the Office of Research Compliance Administration. You will need this information when you request to post research through ExperimentLink.

Faculty supervision is required during all research projects. Undergraduate students who are collecting data must be selected and carefully screened for reliability and trained in safe and ethical procedures involving human participant research. For tutorials and FAQ regarding the pool, visit the Experiment-Link website FAQ section.

Conducting Research Using The Pool

Various information aimed at researchers in the Psychology Department who use our undergraduate research participation pool and its accompanying Sona Systems website.

Faculty and graduate student researchers can post their research on Sona as part of their research. To do this, you will need to be familiar with various policies and practices of the pool.

Accessing Sona Systems

Where is Sona: You can access Sona Systems using the following URL:
Getting a Researcher Account: If you are a new faculty, graduate student or post-doc, you can request an Sona researcher account by sending an email to the pool administrator:

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