Overview of the Ph.D. Program

The Psychology Department at UC Santa Cruz offers a Ph.D. degree with areas of specialization in cognitive, developmental, and social psychology. Students are prepared for research, teaching, and administrative positions in colleges and universities, as well as positions in schools, government, and other public and private organizations.

The Ph.D. is a research degree. Students are required to demonstrate the ability to carry through to completion rigorous empirical research and to be active in research throughout their graduate career. Course requirements establish a foundation for critical evaluation of research literature and the design of conceptually important empirical research.

To support students in achieving these goals, each student must be associated with one of the faculty, who serves as academic advisor and research sponsor. The program requires full-time enrollment.

Important Notes

  • The program does not offer courses, training, or supervision in counseling or clinical psychology.
  • Students are not admitted to pursue only a Master's degree. However, students may be awarded a Master's degree as part of their studies for the Ph.D.