Frequently Asked Questions

Does your program offer clinical or counseling licensing?

Our program does not offer courses, training, or supervision in counseling or clinical psychology. This program prepares individuals for research, teaching, and administrative positions in colleges and universities, as well as positions in schools, government, and other public and private organizations. The Ph.D. is a research degree.

What percentage of applicants are offered admission to your program each year?

The average for the past five years is 13%.

Is the Advanced Psych test recommended?

Subject scores on the Advanced Psych test are not required or recommended.

Are there any prerequisite courses that must be taken prior to acceptance into the program?

Although there are no specific prerequisite courses, you are expected to have some background in psychology. Depending upon your area of interest (cognitive, developmental or social), you would be expected to have courses in general psychology, natural sciences, and/or social sciences.

What criteria are weighted most heavily in admission decisions (i.e., letters, GPA, GRE scores, etc.)?

They are all weighed equally, including your statement of purpose and research interests.

What is the average time for a psychology grad student to complete his or her Ph.D. at UCSC?

Average time for a psych graduate student to complete the Ph.D. degree is 5 to 6 years.

Do psych grad students participate in professional conferences, like the APA annual meetings?

Yes, graduate students are encouraged to attend conferences. Funding can come from various sources; the Psychology Department does provide some funding.

Do you offer a Master's degree?

We do not have a Master's degree program. However, students in the Ph.D. program may elect to receive a Master's degree on the way to the Ph.D.