Graduate Program Learning Outcomes

PLO1: Core Knowledge and Critical Thinking

In a specialized area of psychology (Cognitive, Developmental, or Social), graduate students will demonstrate mastery of and the ability to critically evaluate and contribute to theory, research, and methods.

PLO2: Pedagogy

Graduate students will demonstrate skill in educating and mentoring undergraduates from a variety of backgrounds.

PLO3: Communication

Graduate students will show competence at presenting research findings orally and in writing.

PLO4: Independent Research

Graduate students will be able to conduct independent research resulting in an original contribution to knowledge in Cognitive, Developmental, or Social Psychology. Relevant components include: developing an original research question; providing background for research questions in relation to theory and research literature; devising and conducting appropriate methods and dataanalytic techniques to address research questions; writing a manuscript using professional style that describes all aspects of the study; drawing implications from the research for future research, possible applications, and for general audiences; and being able to discuss relevant ethical issues.