Meet our Peer Advising Team!

Our peer advisors are available during regular office hours to provide additional one-on-one advising for undergraduate majors. All peer advisors are experienced students in the Psychology or Cognitive Science major and are trained to answer general questions regarding the Psychology undergraduate program.

Peer advisors are trained to assist with: personal academic plans, graduation checks, general questions about the majors, major declarations, and much more! For questions please email!

    Meet Claire!

  • dsc_0009.jpgClaire is a fourth year Cognitive Science major and Theater Arts minor. 

    Why I became a Peer Advisor: I love helping others and this is an excellent opportunity to apply it to hands on experience while gaining insight on industrial and organizational psychology. Navigating such a large department can seem overwhelming and intimidating, and I want to be there to ease any anxiety a student might encounter.

    In my free time you can find me horseback riding, cooking, or singing!

  • Meet Sarah!

  • dsc_0013.jpgSarah is a fourth year Psychology major and Education Minor.

    Why I became a peer advisor:  I know how stressful it can be to try to plan your college experience. I really enjoy being a person who can help relieve some of that stress for other students whether it's through an academic plan, declaring their major, telling a bad joke or just giving them a warm smile.

    When I'm not in class, I'm either dancing tango, working in the Early Childhood Development lab or volunteering with my first grade classroom.

  • Meet Sabrina!

  • dsc_0005.jpgSabrina is a 4th year Psychology major and a transfer student from College of Marin.
    Why I became a peer advisor: I am interested in pursuing a career in student academic advising or counseling, and so the opportunity to get hands-on experience as a Peer Advisor was perfect.
    When I am not working or at school, I love to eat my roommate's baked goods and try new recipes with friends.

  • Meet Kyle!

  • dsc_0002.jpgKyle is a third year Psychology major. 

    Why I became a Peer Advisor: I chose to be a peer advisor because I am passionate about helping students and it is something I want to explore after college, such as being a school counselor or some type of counselor working with teens and young adults specifically.  I remember coming to peer advising before as a student and I was just amazed how positive, patient, and compassionate the peer advisors were, which really left an impression on me and made me have a desire to pursue the same type of work they were doing.  

    I love to hike/go on adventures, play guitar and sing, baseball, and read.

  • Meet Sherman!

  • dsc_0022.jpgSherman is a fourth year Psychology major and Economics minor.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I first wanted to become a peer advisor because I wanted an opportunity to help others through counseling, and to get experience for the future. However, peer advising has been all that and more. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my college career.  

    In my free time I love to play games with friends, take pictures of great sceneries, and drive around in my WRX. 

  • Meet Lydia!

  • dsc_0017.jpgLydia is a fourth year Psychology major and a transfer student from Cabrillo College.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I feel passionate about advising you fellow or prospective Psychology majors feel at ease and less stressed navigating all aspects of the major. Please feel free to visit me during drop-in hours! I am here to help.

    When I’m not spending my time at school or work, I like practicing yoga, cooking for friends, watching the Warriors, going on epic road trips, and backpacking. 

  • Meet Ané!

  • Ane.jpgAné is a fourth year Psychology/Art double major.

    Why I became a Peer Advisor: In the past, I have received very helpful guidance from peer advisors in the Psychology Department. In addition, I have been tutoring students for awhile and I really enjoy it so I wanted to expand my experience to include more general advising, as well.

    Hobbies: creating artwork and hanging out with my friends and family. 

  • Meet Madi!

  • dsc_0008.jpgMadi is a fourth year Psychology major.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I became a Peer Advisor because I love helping others and I was looking for a way to get more involved on campus and in the Psychology Department. Choosing a major and creating an academic plan can sometimes seem overwhelming and I hope to help make the process as stress-free as possible. 

    Some of my hobbies include cooking, volunteering for Camp Kesem, creative writing and hiking!