Meet our Peer Advising Team!

Our peer advisors are available during regular office hours to provide additional one-on-one advising for undergraduate majors. All peer advisors are experienced students in the Psychology or Cognitive Science major and are trained to answer general questions regarding the Psychology undergraduate program.

Peer advisors are trained to assist with: personal academic plans, graduation checks, general questions about the majors, major declarations, and much more! For questions please email!

    Meet Alia!

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    Alia is a fourth year Psychology major.

    Why I became a Peer Advisor: I've always been passionate about education, from considering teaching as a future profession to thoroughly researching about the varieties of degrees that are offered. I became a peer advisor to learn what it would be like to work in the field of education, specifically in school counseling at a college level. I also became a peer advisor to build and strengthen my connection to the UCSC psychology community, while helping out my fellow classmates. As a transfer and first generation college student, I understand how overwhelming it can be trying to figure out what classes you need and planning accordingly so I'm happy to help!

  • Meet Amy!

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    Amy is a fourth year Psychology major.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I became a peer advisor because I wanted to help students successfully navigate their way through the Psychology program. As a transfer and re-entry student, I was anxious and overwhelmed when I began attending UCSC. I am very grateful for the Psychology advisors who helped me with the ins and outs of the degree program. My goal is to help ease the anxiety and stress of my fellow students so they can better succeed during their time here at UCSC and in future endeavors.

  • Meet Catherine!

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    Catherine is a fourth year Psychology major. 

    Why I became a peer advisor: I became a peer advisor because I wanted to do something outside the classroom setting, with a more "hands-on" experience. I remember when I first came to the advising office to declare my major, the advisor who assisted me was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. By becoming a peer advisor, I hope to gain experience in advising students and making sure they meet their major requirements on time. I also hope to form close relationships with the faculty and staff of the psychology department. 

  • Meet Corinna!

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    Corinna is a fourth year double major in General Psychology and Sociology

    Why I became a peer advisor: I wanted to become a peer advisor because I really enjoy making connections with people one on one. I also wanted to give back to the psychology department and share my knowledge and experiences with others. And so far, being able to help my peers figure out their path in their undergraduate career has been very rewarding. 

  • Meet Lorin!

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    Lorin is a fourth year Psychology major.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I became a peer advisor because I love motivating and helping people alleviate anxieties that we all face when it comes to academic achievement. It’s useful receiving advice from someone with first hand experience and an understanding of the goals and needs of a student. It’s my goal to foster insight into students progress and positivity about their accomplishments.

  • Meet Tracie!

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    Tracie is a third year Psychology major and Economics minor.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I became a peer advisor because I wanted that hands on experience of assisting students through their academic career. Through the trainings and lessons, I wanted to share my experience and knowledge of the psychology majors with students who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed and to have them leave peer advising feeling calm and relieved. I also hope to create meaningful and long lasting relationships with students and faculty members.  

  • Meet Nancy!

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    Nancy is a fourth year Intensive Psychology major.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I wanted to be a peer advisor because it brings me  joy and a sense of humbleness to know that I am able to help out a fellow peer. It feels awesome to know that I am able to make somebody's day a little brighter after they see me.