Meet our Peer Advising Team!

Our peer advisors are available during regular office hours to provide additional one-on-one advising for undergraduate majors. All peer advisors are experienced students in the Psychology or Cognitive Science major and are trained to answer general questions regarding the Psychology undergraduate program.

Peer advisors are trained to assist with: personal academic plans, graduation checks, general questions about the majors, major declarations, and much more! For questions please email!

    Meet Ulyssa!


    Ulyssa is a fourth year Psychology major.

    Why I became a Peer Advisor: I became a peer advisor because I wanted to gain more knowledge about the Psychology Department. I aim to use my experience at UCSC to help my peers with their future academic plans and questions about the field of psychology. I hope to provide resources and guidance to help them succeed. 

  • Meet Sarah!

  • Sarah is a fourth year Psychology major and Education Minor.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I came to the Psych Department my sophomore year because I was incredibly stressed out that I had messed up my academic plan and would have to continue for a fifth year, which I couldn't afford. I met with a psych peer advisor who helped calm me down and realize I was still on track, in fact I was ahead in units! I really valued how compassionate and nice they were. Being a psych peer advisor, I hope that I can help students in the same way they helped me during this exciting and exhilarating time of our lives.

  • Meet Sabrina!

  • Meet Mandy!


  • Meet Sherman!

  • Sherman is a fourth year Psychology major.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I became a peer advisor because of my experience with peer advisors that helped me with my academic planning. I came into the office stressed out and not sure what classes I needed to take, and a peer advisor helped explain and map out everything. I wanted to gain the experience to help others in the way I have been helped and help struggling students struggle less. 

  • Meet Lydia!

  • Meet Ané!

  • Meet Madi!

  • Madi is a fourth year Psychology major.

    Why I became a peer advisor: I became a Peer Advisor because I love helping others and I was looking for a way to get more involved at UCSC. Choosing a major and creating an academic plan can sometimes seem overwhelming and I hope to help make the process as stress-free as possible. Also, I am excited to meet others from the Psychology Department and learn about all of the resources that the department has to offer.