Senior Comprehensive Requirement

UC Santa Cruz requires students to complete a Senior Comprehensive Requirement in each major. Effective Fall 2006, the Psychology Department's senior seminars satisfy part of the major requirement AND will satisfy the university's comprehensive requirement. Senior students enroll in one UCSC Psychology Department senior seminar to satisfy requirements. If a course is a senior seminar, that is indicated in the course description. Students with senior status (135 units completed) are given the opportunity to request permission codes for senior seminar courses prior to enrollment each quarter they are eligible. (Requirement must be completed at the UCSC campus and may not be transferred.)

Under previous catalogs (prior to 2006-07), students could satisfy the comprehensive requirement by satisfactorily passing the Psychology Senior Comprehensive Examination. Students should realize that if they were under catalogs from 1998-2005, they would have completed a senior seminar (which now satisfies the university's comprehensive requirement). However, for those students who were enrolled previous to 1998 and who still need to complete the Senior Comprehensive Examination, information and arrangement to complete the exam is made by contacting the psychology advisors.