Fall 2020 Resources


Keep Teaching - CITL Teaching Resource Page

CITL - Teaching During Unplanned Events

"Creating a Quiz" in Canvas - documentation to include more details about moderating a quiz

ITS: Ways to accommodate students in Canvas

Chronicle of Higher Education: Going Online in a Hurry

UC Irvine: Online Learning Research Center

Article: Please do a bad job of putting your courses online

Inside Higher Ed: 'I Will Survive' Teaching Online

UCSC Psychology Department: Technical Questions and Solutions for Remote Instruction

 How to use Zoom for teaching video

How to secure Zoom class meetings from non-UCSC affiliates

It's all about bite-sized pieces (short 'how to' Zoom tutorials for teaching colleagues)

Inside Higher Ed: Avoiding mischief and mayhem in the great leap to zoom

Expanded access to JoVE: Journal of Video Education through June 15th

Inside Higher Ed: How (Not) to Evaluate Teaching During a Pandemic


Supporting Students with Disabilities:

In a remote learning environment, students with disabilities may require additional or different accommodations than their original Accommodations Letters indicate. For any questions about how to ensure accessibility for specific students’ accommodations, the course instructor should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC).

To plan ahead for accessibility, the teaching team can discuss together how to ensure that all course materials are accessible.

For guidance on accommodations for online exams, please consult the DRC's FAQs for faculty.

Take the free Accessibility for Virtual Classrooms course through the UC SiteImprove Academy. The course should take about 1 hour.


Student Learning

UC Santa Cruz: Keep Learning

UC Irvine: Online Learning Research Center



Research Continuity with COVID-19


Other Resources (Technical/Financial)

UC Santa Cruz ITS Resources Page

UC Santa Cruz TAPS FAQ's


Other Resources (Personal)

APA Help Center: Pandemics

National Association of School Psychologists: A Parent Resource


Psychology Staff Virtual Office Hours

Allison Land, Department Manager - Wednesdays 11am-12pm and Thursdays 1-2pm


Meeting ID: 476 097 9974
Passcode: 432146


Kathy Montano, Graduate Program Coordinator - Tuesdays 1-2pm and Wednesdays 2-3pm


Meeting ID: 324 663 6721
Passcode: 187654