Going the distance: contact vs. motivation

February 12, 2016

The Jerusalem Post published an op-ed by Andrew Pilecki, a UCSC Ph.D. in psychology, and Phillip Hammack, associate professor of psychology

Phillip Hammack, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Andrew Pilecki, a graduate of the department's Ph.D. program, published an op-ed, Going the distance: contact vs. motivation, arguing that well-intentioned programs that promote contact to reduce prejudice are, at best, inconsequential, and at worst, harmful.  

Pilecki is a Fulbright post-doctoral researcher in Herzliya, Israel.

Hammack is Associate Professor of Psychology at UC Santa Cruz and Director of the PCI Lab. Hammack is the author of two books on this topic, Narrative and the Politics of Identity: The Cultural Psychology of Israeli and Palestinian Youth (2011, Oxford University Press), and Can Talking Help? Dialogue and the Politics of Difference (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).

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