The New York Times features psychology professor Craig Haney

March 30, 2017

Craig Haney was featured in The New York Times article, 3 Men on Death Row in Louisiana Sue Over Solitary Confinement. The article discusses the recent lawsuit made by three men who were sentenced to death over 25 years ago. The goal of the lawsuit is to “overturn a prison policy that automatically and permanently places prisoners sentenced to death in Louisiana in solitary confinement.”

The article references Haney’s interviews with solitary confinement inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison to study their psychological effects. He concluded that “those with no history of mental illness were engaged in a constant, ongoing struggle to maintain their sanity.”

“These conditions predictably can impair the psychological functioning of the prisoners who are subjected to them,” says Haney. “For some prisoners, these impairments can be permanent and life-threatening.”