How are students chosen for field study?

Interested students must attend an Info Session, held each quarter. A link to the application will be shared with all attendees.

Students are chosen for field study based on three criteria: qualification, preparation, and class standing. All junior and senior declared Psychology and Cognitive Science majors in good academic standing that have successfully completed PSYC 100 are eligible to apply. Students with some upper division course work, demonstrated interest in the program and maturity are ready for the challenges of field study. Seniors are accepted first, followed by students with junior status, as space permits.

How many students are accepted into field study?

The number of students accepted varies from quarter to quarter; it really depends on the number of placements and faculty sponsors available. 

Do I need to know where I’m going to be an intern before I apply?

No. Here are the steps to follow: attend an Info Session, then apply for the program. Upon acceptance you will receive access to a list of our community partners and the various internships they have available. If you are curious about placements, you can find a general description of the types of positions available here. The Field Study Director is available to provide insight on the various agencies and the internships they offer, though placement availability can vary from quarter to quarter.

What if I want to intern at an agency that is not currently affiliated with the Field Study Program?

Reach out to the Field Study Director about your situation and provide information about the agency (e.g. name, website, supervisor's name) and the position you're interested in, including the responsibilities and time commitment of said position. The Field Study Director will determine whether the agency and position have sufficient connections to psychology and reach out to the site supervisor.

Do I have to find a faculty member to sponsor me?

No. The Field Study Director will assign you a faculty member to work with based on your learning goals for the quarter, the agency you’ve chosen to work with and faculty availability.

How many courses should I take with field study?

It is recommended that you not take more than two other courses alongside field study. Field study can be very demanding both logistically and emotionally. In addition to the time at your placement, you also need to think of the commute and the time spent journaling, reading academic articles and writing your paper for your faculty sponsor. You also want to make a point to schedule in down time - prioritizing your mental well-being during the experience is important!

If one quarter of field study can count toward my upper division requirements, what area will they count toward?

Field study (PSYC 193) is considered part of the Independent Study area (PSYC 193-199). Due to the evolutionary nature of the internship experience, while students will be asked to create a learning plan specific to their goals, they will not be assigned a specific area of psychology (e.g. developmental, cognitive, social, clinical/personality). It's totally normal for a student's goals to change during their time in field study as they acclimate to the day-to-day at their placement, acquire more in-depth knowledge about the population they serve and become more confident in their role.

I’m an Intensive Psych major. Have other Intensive Psych majors found time to fit in research and field study during their time here?

Yes! Research and field study can be done simultaneously or staggered (junior year research, senior year field study). Plan early and you can do it.