Christy M. Byrd

TitleAssistant Professor
DivisionSocial Sciences Division
DepartmentPsychology Department
AffiliationsCollege Ten,
Oakes College
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OfficeOffice: Social Sciences 2, Room 347,
Lab: Social Sciences 2, Room 211
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Christy M. Byrd

Research Interests

Dr. Byrd's research  examines how school climate for diversity promotes academic engagement, cultural competence, and psychological well-being in students. She uses quantitative and qualitative methods to explore topics such as intergroup interactions, multicultural education, and culturally relevant teaching. Her work has shown that when youth experience their schools as positive, identity-affirming spaces, they are more academically engaged and successful.

Biography, Education and Training

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan State University
Ph.D. Education and Psychology, University of Michigan
M.S. Psychology, University of Michigan
B.A. Psychology, Agnes Scott College

Selected Publications

Aldana, A., & Byrd, C.M. (in press). School ethnic-racial socialization: Learning about race and ethnicity among African American students. The Urban Review.

Hoggard, L.H., Byrd, C.M., & Sellers, R.M. (2015). The lagged effects of racial discrimination on depressive symptomology and interactions with racial identity.Journal of Counseling Psychology, 62, 216-225.

Byrd, C.M. (2015). The associations of intergroup interactions and school racial socialization with academic motivation. Journal of Educational Research, 108, 10-21. (PDF)

Rouland, K., Matthews, J., Byrd, C.M., Meyer, R.M.L., & Rowley, S. (2014). Culture clash? Interactions between Afrocultural and mainstream cultural styles in classrooms serving African American students. Interdisciplinary Journal of Teaching and Learning, 4, 186-202.

Hoggard, L., Byrd, C.M., & Sellers, R. (2012). Comparison of African American college students’ coping with racially and non-racially stressful events. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 18, 329-339.

Byrd, C.M., & Chavous, T.M. (2012). The congruence between African American students’ racial identity beliefs and their academic climates: Implications for academic motivation and achievement. In J.M. Sullivan & A.M. Esmail (Eds.), African American Identity: Racial and Cultural Dimensions of the Black Experience(p.345-369). Lanham: Lexington Books. (PDF)

Byrd, C.M. (2012). The measurement of racial/ethnic identity in children: A critical review. Journal of Black Psychology, 38, 3-31.

Byrd, C.M., & Chavous, T.M. (2011). Racial identity, school racial climate, and school intrinsic motivation among African American youth: The importance of person–context congruence. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 21, 849-860. (PDF)

Byrd, C.M., & Chavous, T.M. (2009). Racial identity and academic achievement in the neighborhood context: A multilevel analysis. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 38, 544-559.

Selected Presentations

Byrd, C.M., & Carter Andrews, D.J. (April, 2015). The Importance of Cultural Relevance for All: Secondary Students’ Perceptions of Culturally Relevant Teaching. Paper presented at the meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL. (PDF)

Byrd, C.M. (March, 2015). Black History Month and To Kill a Mockingbird: Student Perceptions of School Racial Socialization Practices. Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, PA. (PDF)

Courses Taught

PSYC 108: Educational Psychology
PSYC 10: Introduction to Developmental Psychology
PSYC 118D: Growing up in Panem: Developmental Psychology of the Hunger Games

Advisees, Post Docs, Graduate Students, Researchers

Jason Russell Dyer