Maureen Callanan

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Maureen Callanan

Research Interests

Maureen Callanan's research focuses on cognitive and language development in preschool children, exploring how children come to understand the world through everyday conversations with parents. One focus is on how children learn word meanings in conversation. Another focus is on how children's theories develop within parent-child conversations at home and in children's museums.

Biography, Education and Training

Ph.D., Stanford University
A.B., Mount Holyoke College

Selected Publications

  • Rigney, J., & Callanan, M. (2011). Patterns in parent-child conversations about animals at a marine science center. Cognitive Development, 26, 155-171.

  • Callanan, M., Cervantes, C., & Loomis, M. (2011). Informal Learning. Wiley Inter-disciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science. NY: Wiley.

  • Luce, M., & Callanan, M. (2010). Parents’ Object Labeling: Links to Conventionality of Word Meaning. First Language, Special issue on Conversation in Language Development and Use.

  • Callanan, M. & Valle, A. (2008). Co-constructing conceptual domains through family conversations and activities. In B. Ross (Ed.), Psychology of Learning and Motivation (pp. 147-165), Vol. 49, Elsevier.

  • Tenenbaum, H., & Callanan, M. (2008). Parents’ science talk to their children in Mexican-descent families residing in the United States. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 32, 1-12.

  • Siegel, D., & Callanan, M. (2007). Artifacts as conventional objects. Journal of Cognition and Development, 8, 183-203.

  • Siegel, D., Esterly, J., Callanan, M., Wright, R., & Navarro. R. (2007). Conversations about science across activities in Mexican-descent families. International Journal of Science Education, 29(12), 1447-1466.

  • Callanan, M., Siegel, D., & Luce, M. (2007). Conventionality in family conversations about everyday objects. In C. Kalish & M. Sabbagh (Eds.), Conventionality in Cognitive Development: How Children Acquire Shared Representations in Language, Thought, and Action (pp. 83-97). New Directions in Child and Adolescent Development, 115. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

  • Callanan, M. (2006). Cognitive development, culture, and Conversation: Comments on Harris and Koenig’s “Trust in testimony: How children learn about science and religion.” Child Development, 77, 525-530.

  • Valle, A. & Callanan, M.A. (2006). Similarity comparisons and relational analogies in parent-child conversations about science topics. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 52(1), analogies i

Courses Taught

Psych 1: Introduction to Psychology
Psych 119H: Developmental Psych Research/Real World Problems
Psych 191A: Teaching College Psychology
Psych 244A: Proseminar I: Cognitive and Language Development
Psych 119P: Children and Technology