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Faye J Crosby
  • Title
    • Professor
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Psychology Department
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    • Social Sciences 2, 358
  • Mail Stop Psychology Faculty Services
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    • 1156 High St
    • Santa Cruz CA 95064
  • Courses Psyc 100: Research Methods, Cowell 138A: The Place of Higher Education in a Democratic Society

Summary of Expertise

Gender, social identity, and social justice, especially affirmative action.

Research Interests

Faye Crosby is a social psychologist specializing in social justice. She is interested in the relation between objective (i.e., consensual) and subjective reality; she has looked at individual attitudes in the context of social change and stability.

While testing the theory of relative deprivation, Professor Crosby discovered a phenomenon entitled "the denial of personal disadvantage." She found that people typically imagine themselves to be exempt from the injustices that they can recognize as affecting their membership or reference groups. One line of her research documents the cognitive and motivational bases of the denial of personal disadvantage.

Given how widespread is the denial of personal disadvantage, organizations need to avert unrest through monitoring and other proactive systems like affirmative action. Yet affirmative action is very controversial. Professor Crosby's current work investigates the bases of people's reactions to affirmative action. She is now using her affirmative action work to launch a new series of studies on how people can undertake non-revolutionary changes in rules that come to be revealed as unfair. She is also examining other ways, such as mentoring, of enhancing the peaceful evolution of work organizations.

Note: Professor Crosby is not accepting new graduate students at this time.

Biography, Education and Training

Ph.D., Boston University
A.B., Wheaton College

Honors, Awards and Grants

Carolyn Wood Sherif Award (div 35 of APA)
Kurt Lewin Award (SPSSI)
Doctor of Laws (hon) Ball State University
Sherrie Spendlove Prize (UC Merced)

Selected Publications

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  • Crosby, F. J. (2017).  Peer mentoring retreats for addressing dilemmas of senior women in STEM careers: The Nag’s Heart Model.  In S. Blake-Beard & A. Murrell (Eds). Mentoring diverse leaders: Creating change for people, processes and paradigms (pp. 218-234).  New York:  Routledge Press.