Cognitive Psychology

Minds, Brains, and Beyond

Our program offers a unique blend of traditional cognition and new directions in cognitive psychology and cognitive science. With strengths in the areas of Language, Memory, and Perception, we are exploring cutting edge topics such as:

  • Perception of faces, motion, and space
  • Neural correlates of consciousness, perceptual decision-making, metacognition, and top-down control
  • Computational modeling of human performance using symbolic and neural-network approaches
  • Human performance, multi-tasking, attention, and models of information processing
  • Conversation, discourse, and natural language use
  • The effects of technology on how people think, remember, and communicate
  • Remembering and forgetting in human memory
  • Language processing and comprehension
  • Language processing in bilingual and multilingual individuals
  • Metacognition in learning and memory
  • Socially distributed remembering and collective memory