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Monique Crouse
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Biography, Education and Training

I research how people learn to visually search user interfaces. 

My current work researches how expectations for where to look, what to look for, and when to look for information/icons impacts how people come to search a user interface. Some expectations can lead people to miss information they may even be directly looked at. Expectations can also lead to frustration and struggles when an interface changes. My current research is investigating under what situations expectations can lead to consequence for performance.

I am also passionate about science outreach and have worked in multiple organizations since 2012. 

Hobbies include crochet, sewing/cosplaying, baking, anime/learning Japanese, and going on forest walks.


B.S., Psychology from Michigan State University 

Honors, Awards and Grants


Selected Publications

Pierce, A. M., Crouse, M. D., & Green, J. J. (2017). Evidence for an attentional component of inhibition of return in visual search. Psychophysiology, 54(11), 1676–1685.


Blog titled "The remote is not in the couch cushions, but there is a reason you look again anyways."

Teaching Interests

Cognitive Science/Psychology

Attention and Perception