Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Past Committee Members and Events

2015-2016 Year

Founding DEI Committee Members: Brandon Balzer Carr (graduate student), Doug Bonett (faculty), Christy Byrd (faculty), Elizabeth Gonzalez (graduate student), Shelly Grabe (faculty), Heather Henderson (staff), Grace Parker-Guerrero (staff), and Pat Samerit (graduate student).




October 14, 2015

DEI Committee-Led Discussion

Group discussion of DEI Committee’s mission statement, mechanisms for responding to inequitable or non-inclusive practices, and methods of self-assessment.

November 5, 2015

Presumed (IN)competence at Home and Away from Home

Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Ph.D.

Professor, Modern Languages and Women & Gender Studies, Seattle University

February 10, 2016

Stress and Resilience among LGBT Populations

Kimberly F. Balsam, Ph.D.

Professor, Clinical Psychology, Palo Alto University

February 17, 2016

Workshop: Increasing Our Fluency in Conversations Related to Diversity

Sheree Marlowe

Campus Diversity Officer, Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, UCSC

April 11, 2016

Diversity Workshop

Christy Byrd, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Psychology, UCSC

May 11, 2016

DEI Committee-Led Discussion

Wrap-up and committee-led discussion of Year 1 DEI Committee

2016-2017 Year

Committee Members: Shirin Bakhshay (graduate student), Christy Byrd (faculty), Jonelle Howard (staff), Gina Langhout (faculty), Alina Larson (graduate student), Kathy Montano (staff), Graciela Solis (graduate student), and Travis Seymour (faculty).




October 10, 2016

DEI Committee-Led Discussion

Committee-led discussion of working model for DEI work

November 2, 2016

DEI Committee Report and Discussion

Report from working groups and discussion of mission statement

January 30, 2017

DEI Committee-Led Workshop

Workshop on critical group dynamics

February 22, 2017

Panel Discussion: Know Your Resources

Kiyana Modes (ODEI Assistant Analyst), Laura Young Hinck (Response Team Coordinator), Tracey Tsugawa (Title IX Officer), Dr. Teresa Maria Linda Scholz (Diversity Officer for Staff and Students), Dr. Campbell Leaper (Psychology Department Chair), & Allison Land (Psychology Administrative Manager)

April 17, 2017

DEI Committee-Led Presentations and Discussions

Updates on DEI Committee; discussion of self-care; discussion of bystander intervention strategies.

May 15, 2017

DEI Committee-Led Workshop

Small group conversations on diversity


2017-2018 Year

Committee Members: Margarita Azmitia-Committee Chair (developmental faculty), Becca Covarrubias (social faculty), Andy Dayton (developmental grad), Ruby Hernandez (social grad), Alina Larson (cognitive grad), Chantell Padilla (staff), Travis Seymour (cognitive faculty), Melinda Sherwood (staff)



October 13, 2017

DEI Social Event

Department inclusion event at the Community Room

October 23, 2017

Supporting Undocumented Students at UCSC

Pablo G. Reguerin

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success, Director of Educational Opportunity Programs

February 7, 2018

DEI Committee-Led Discussion

Navigating Academic Freedom, Safety, and Respect: A Conversation

March 7, 2018

DEI Social Event

Department inclusion event at the Arboretum

April 30, 2018

DEI Committee-Led Discussions

Year in Review: Moving Towards Solutions and Applications

Spring Quarter Small Group Gatherings

PoC Writing Group

Graduate Students of Color Social

Student Led Diversity Town Hall

Survivors of Trauma Writing Group

Graduate Student Experiences & Resources


2018-2019 Year

Committee Members: Rebecca Covarrubias-Committee Chair (social faculty), Paulette Garcia Peraza (developmental grad), Alan Kawamoto (cognitive faculty), Alina Larson (cognitive grad), Adriana Manago (developmental faculty), Kathy Montano (staff), Chantell Padilla (staff), Christine Rosales (social grad)



October 15, 2018

DEI Social Event

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fall 2018 Welcome Gathering


November 14, 2018

Healthy, Housed, and Well-Fed: Assessing the Effectiveness of a Basic Needs Support Program for College Student Success

Brandon Balzer Carr

Social Psychology Graduate Student

February 11, 2019

Diversity in the Neoliberal University

Nick Mitchell

Assistant Professor, Feminist Studies Department & Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

April 29, 2019

DEI Committee-Led Discussions

Working on Our Community Space

Winter 2019 Graduate Student Sponsored Events

Screening of documentary, "Quiet Please"

Graduate Students of Color monthly meetings

WTF women/trans/femme Writing Group

Film screening from Contrapoints

Spring 2019 Graduate Student Sponsored Events

People of Color Writing Group

Graduate Students of Color Year-end Celebration

WTF women/trans/femme Writing Group