Resources on Antiracism

The following list is a compilation of articles, videos, and research on antiracism, categorized by basics, intermediate, advanced, and BIPOC support.

  • Intro: The basics - This category is for people wanting to know more about racism (Defining racism- we can’t engage in antiracism unless we can define and understand racism)
  • Deepening our understanding - This category is for people wanting more about anti racist practices, wanting a deeper understanding. These resources will give more context specific examples (i.e. intersectionality).
  • Applying antiracism in research, teaching, and service - These set of resources answer tackle how antiracism shows up in the organization, what people can do about it- in their research, teaching, service, practices, culture, etc. (what does Antiracist praxis look like, how to do it)
  • BIPOC support category - Resources for BIPOC scholars about how to use writing, research, teaching as an outlet for liberation and healing. These resources include suggestions for how to process, facilitate empowerment, use your voice, develop survivance, and find ways that all of this can guide our scholarship.

Intro: The basics of racism and antiracism

Deepening our understanding

Applying antiracism in our research, teaching, service

BIPOC Support Category