DEI Events

2021 - 2022

12/3/2021: DEI Department-Wide Discussion

5/4/2022: Psychology CITL Mentoring Workshop

Fall/Winter/Spring 2021-22 Graduate Student Led Workshops

2020 - 2021

12/4/2020: DEI Mixer

11/20/2020: Implicit Bias Workshop for the Psychology Department (James Antony)

4/16/2021: DEI Spring Social

5/10/2021: Considering What We Can Do: Anti-Racism for our Department

Fall/Winter/Spring 2020-21 Graduate Student Led Workshops
  • AA/PI Discussion Group
  • People of Color Group
  • LGBTQIA+ Game Night
  • "The Prom" Movie Night and Discussion
  • Challenging White Supremacy Working Group

2019 - 2020

11/5/2019: Community Circle (led by Tiffany Lockett and Sylvane Vaccarino)

5/18/2020: Inclusive Teaching Workshop COVID-19 Edition (led by Jody Greene and Robin Dunkin)

Fall/Winter/Spring 2019-20 Graduate Student Led Workshops
  • Housing Discussion/Support Group
  • Women of Color Lunch Co-Working Sessions
  • Student of Color Dinner/Activity Series
  • Academic Job Markey Panel
  • How to Work the Psychology Job Market

2018 - 2019

10/15/2018: DEI Social Event

11/14/2018: Healthy, Housed, and Well-Fed: Assessing the Effectiveness of a Basic Needs Support Program for College Student Success (Brandon Balzer Carr)

2/11/2019: Diversity in the Neoliberal University (Nick Mitchell)

4/29/2019: Working on Our Community Space

Fall/Winter/Spring 2018-19 Graduate Student Led Workshops
  • Screening of Documentary, "Quiet Please"
  • Graduate Students of Color Monthly Meetings
  • WTF Women/Trans/Femme Writing Group
  • Film Screening from Contrapoints
  • People of Color Writing Group
  • Graduate Students of Color Year-End Celebration

2017 - 2018

10/13/2017: DEI Social Event

10/23/2017: Supporting Undocumented Students at UCSC (Pablo G. Reguerin)

2/7/2018: DEI Committee-led Dicsussion. Navigating Academic Freedom, Safety, and Respect: A Conversation

3/7/2018: DEI Social Event

4/30/2018: DEI Committee-led Discussion. Year in Review: Moving Towards Solutions and Applications

Fall/Winter/Spring 2017-18 Graduate Student Led Workshops
  • People of Color Writing Group
  • Graduate Students of Color Social
  • Student Led Diversity Town Hall
  • Graduate Student Experiences and Resources

2016 - 2017

10/10/2016: DEI Committee-led Discussion. A Working Model for DEI Work

11/2/2016: DEI Committee Report and Mission Statement

1/30/2017: DEI Committee-led Workshop. Critical Group Dynamics

2/22/2017: Panel Discussion: Know Your Resources with: 

  • Kiyana Modes (ODEI Assistant Analyst)
  • Laura Young Hinck (Response Team Coordinator)
  • Tracey Tsugawa (Title IX Officer)
  • Dr. Teresa Maria Linda Scholz (Diveristy Officer for Staff and Students)
  • Dr. Campbell Leaper (Psychology Department Chair)
  • Allison Land (Psychology Department Manager)

4/17/2017: DEI Committee-led Presentations and Discussions. Self Care and Bystander Intervention Strategies

5/15/2017: DEI Committee-led Workshop. Small Group Conversations on Diversity

2015 - 2016

10/14/2015: DEI Committee-led Discussion. Mission Statement, Mechanisms for Responding to Inequitable or Non-inclusive Practices, and Methods of Self-assessment

11/5/2015: Presumed (IN)competence at Home and Away from Home (Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Seattle University)

2/10/2016: Stress and Resilience among LGBT Population (Kimberly Balsam, Palo Alto University)

2/17/2016: Workshop: Increasing Our Fluency in Conversations Related to Diversity (Sheree Marlowe)

4/11/2016: Diversity Workshop (Christy Byrd)

5/11/2016: DEI Committee-led Discussion. Discussion of Year 1 DEI Committee