Enrollment Assistance: Winter 2017


Per campus regulations, students must attend the first class meeting of the course in which they are enrolled to retain their seat.  If you fail to attend, you may be administratively dropped from the course.  

Winter 2017 Enrollment Information Email

Wait List Information:

For more information about wait lists see the Registrar Wait List FAQs. Most wait lists will be set to auto-enroll those on the wait list if a student drops the course.  If you are still on the wait list for a course when the quarter begins, please attend the first class. 

Click Here Psychology Courses Offerings

**Important Note about PSYC 1: PSYC 1, Introduction to Psychology is a gated course. Additional seats will open on each of the enrollment dates. Check each day for available seats!**

Other options for Psychology Majors:

Psych 194 - Advanced Research (Psyc 100 is usually a requirement)

  • General Psychology Majors: This can count as your second course in the area listed.
  • Intensive Psychology Majors: Two quarters of 194 or senior thesis are required.
  • Cognitive Science Majors: 194B or 194A (with Callanan, Akhtar, or Wang) can fulfill the comprehensive requirement.

Current open positions may be found here.

Out of department course

  • General Psychology Majors: One course is required.  A list is available here.
  • Intensive Psychology Majors: Two courses are required.  A list is available here.
  • Cognitive Science Majors: Four interdisciplinary elective courses are required.  Three must be from one area.  A list is available here.

The following out of department courses are being offered this quarter (without pre-requisites unless otherwise noted)

**Other courses may become available, please look at the major worksheets to see a complete list of approved courses.**

Outside courses offered in Spring that do not require prerequisites! 

Click here for the outside courses that do not have prerequisites for PSYCHOLOGY MAJORS