About the Department

Social Sciecnes Two Building

Our department is home to some of the most creative faculty and unique research programs in the country. Our department is divided into three research areas, Cognitive, Developmental, and Social Psychology. Each area has its own theme, but a common thread across all three areas is a connection between the study of psychology and people's everyday lives.

In our graduate program, students work closely with faculty to develop and conduct original research. Coursework provides depth of knowledge in the student's main areas of interest, as well as breadth in other areas of psychology. We have excellent facilities, and conduct research in both the laboratory and community.

Our undergraduate program offers courses in all areas of psychology, and provides many unique opportunities. For example, in our field study program students work in community organizations, receiving practical experience that supplements classroom learning. Undergraduates can also work as research assistants with our faculty.

We also have several active postdoctoral training programs in the department, supporting researchers who already have their Ph.D. in extending their research skills and programs, in conjunction with our faculty.

We hope you enjoy learning more about our faculty, grad students, and undergraduate program as you peruse our web site.